Film and music industry caught pirating movies and games

On behalf of TorrentFreak, the Bittorrent monitoring company scaneye found out that also those are guilty of copyright infringement, who claim that they are suffering most from other people copying their content.

Film and music industry caught pirating movies and games

The data from Scaneye reveals that piracy is not only a matter for regular end users but also within the movie studios itself. Torrentfreak show downloads for e.g. “Battle Force 2012“, “Happy Feet 2“, “Sons of Anarchy“, “The Hunger Games” from Paramount, “Navy CIS“, “The Expendables 2” and adult entertainment motion pictures from Warner Bros., “Top Chef“, “Rizzoli & Isles“, “Ice Age – Continental Drift” from Sony Pictures and “Downtown Abbey“, “The Fast and the Furious 6” or “Step Up Revolution” from Walt Disney Studios. Maybe these are the companies where the MPAA should start their work when going after piracy.

But not only the movie companies have been found actively downloading content, also music industry employees were caught pirating content. We can see downloads for “The Cleveland Show“, “Masterpiece Theatre” and “Adventure Time” from Universal Music Group, “Gossip Girl“, “The Possession” and XBOX360 game “Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions” from Sony Music Entertainment and “Suits“, “House at the end of the Street” and “Finding Nemo” from Warner Music Group.

But if that was not enough, we can find the recent inventor of a six-strikes scheme – the US Department of Justice who should rather focus on minimizing errors when going after people in the list with downloads for “Talking Dead“, “The Voice” and “Bourne Legacy“.
Further examples are “The Good Dinosaur” and “Home and Away” from Department of Homeland Security, “Army Wives” from the Army Air Force Exchange Services and “Game of Thrones“, “Unititled Chronicles of Riddick Sequel” and “Person of Interest” from the US House of Representatives.

The figures from TorrentFreak do not show download counts, so it is unclear how frequent downloads from the mentioned companies are, but it clearly shows that those who try to fight illegal downloads are even suffering from in-house piracy or in some cases piracy of content from competitors.