French anti-piracy agency Hadopi may be shut down

The new minister of culture for France, Aurélie Filippetti, had some harsh words concerning the performance of the agency when interviewed this week by La Nouvell Observateur .   Hadopi’s future seems in doubt, and it has not “fulfilled its mission”.  She also stated “…the suspension of Internet access seems to be a disproportionate penalty given the intended goal.”

Of course, the French anti-piracy agency never got to that point.  Even though 60 internet users were given their “third strike”, none had their internet access denied during the first year of the agency’s existence.

François Hollande won the French presidential campaign this spring, and part of his platform called for the replacement of Hadopi.  It looks like this may take place sooner rather than later.

You can find more details of the story at Ars Technica.