LulzSec launches hack request, ‘phone DDoS’ hotline

LulzSec, the hacker group which has already hit U.S. Senate, Minecraft, Eve Online websites this week, has decided to take to the phone lines to create some new lulz.

After a day full of hacking that they called “Titanic Takeover Tuesday,” the group launched their own “hotline” this week that seems to be for speaking with their fans and foes, taking hacking requests, and even forwarding the overwhelming call volume to their targets as a form of a phone DDoS attack.

LulzSec launches hack request, 'phone DDoS' hotline

“Now accepting calls from true lulz fans – let’s all laugh together at butthurt gamers. 614-LULZSEC, accepting as many as we can, let’s roll,” they posted on their Twitter account.

In just a few hours they claimed to have received over 5,000 calls and 2,500 voicemail messages, and launched a second number to try to handle the capacity. Different voicemail greetings have been posted to the line, with a few being posted on YouTube.

After asking for people to call and lend suggestions for who the next LulzSec target should be, the group claims to have redirected the phone lines to customer support, World of Warcraft customer support, an FBI office in Detroit, and previously hacked firm HB Gary.

All these Lulz apparently come at a hefty price, however.

“[O]ur untraceable method cost us $50 in less than 4 minutes of routing calls,” the group lamented in another tweet.

In just a couple of weeks, LulzSec has gained quite a fan base on the social network, with over 142,000 followers.

Who will the next target be, and how long can they keep up this hacking momentum? Stay tuned to MyCE for updates.