PS3 hack case: graf_chokolo closes blog after threats from Sony

Following Sony’s settlement with 21-year-old NJ hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz, the company has ratcheted up its legal pressure on Alexander Egorenkov — a German hacker who was sued after his work reverse engineering the PlayStation 3 and reintegrating OtherOS was outed in February.

Like his American counterpart, Egorenkov (who goes by the handle graf_chokolo) has struggled since Sony’s initial coup that found an SCEE representative along with police raiding the hacker’s home, delivering a TRO and seizing property – PS3 consoles and computer equipment, natch.

The embattled hacker’s PS3 development page – home to various research – is now down as per a request from SCEE. Non-compliance could have yielded a hefty fine and jail time.

PS3 hack case: graf_chokolo closes blog after threats from Sony

PS3Crunch, which apparently has ties to Egorenkov, detailed the page’s closure: “If you are wondering why some of the pages have been removed at, then you need to know how Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are forcing us to remove them or graf_chokolo will be fined 250,000 Euros or worse, 6 months time in prison.”

The closure extended to all development blogging, documentation and Git repositories, though the site maintains they hold back-ups to everything. The only thing still live is Egorenkov’s legal donation page, which was set up in March.

The site clarified there was no raid; just a friendly request where the wrong answer could equal a nice long stint in a cell.

Earlier this month SCEE served Egorenkov a second TRO, confiscating his computer equipment (again) and demanding he cease his work on OtherOS once and for all.

MyCE reached out to both PS3Crunch and Egorenkov for a comment on this developing situation, but received none at the time of this article’s publication.