PS3 hack case: Sony goes after Twitter & YouTube users

Two weeks ago, Sony claimed a small victory in its lawsuit against George “GeoHot” Hotz – the NJ-based hacker that masterminded the PS3 jailbreaking which pushed the company into legal action. The company – buoyed by the court’s decision to compel Hotz to take down all PS3 hacking information from his website and turn over his personal computer – is now widening its search for not only other hackers who may have helped crack the console, but those on the event’s periphery as well.

If you commented on the YouTube video showing off the PS3 jailbreaking or tweeted about the hack, beware: Sony wants your personal information, and it wants it bad.

PS3 hack case: Sony goes after Twitter & YouTube users

Wired posted the entire revised motion, which was filed on Feb. 4th and requests personal information on fail0verflow – the hacking group that aided Hotz in unlocking the PS3. It also demands Twitter,  Google and YouTube provide information about Hotz’s use of those services in the interest of both hacking and relaying information about hacking the system.

And for those who happened to view Hotz’s video explaining how to hack the PS3, Sony has a special line just about you, asking for “information from YouTube concerning the viewing of Hotz’s video entitled “Jailbroken PS3 3.55 with Homebrew.”

Sony’s subpoena to Twitter, Inc., titled Exhibit M, asked the social networking company to produce tweets (and more) from specific, known hackers in an attempt to ferret out their contact information. Unsurprisingly, Youness Alaoui – AKA KaKaRoToKS – made the list. The popular hacker made headlines recently when he discovered a work-around for Sony’s 3.56 firmware patch – released solely to address the security breach according to the official PS3 website – mere hours after it was released to the public.

MyCE reached out to Alaoui last week with some questions, but never received a reply. We have a feeling that won’t change now.

The long-awaited hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 9AM. We’ll bring you more news as it breaks. (via Wired)