PS3 hackers shut out of PlayStation Network create their own store

Sony thought they had PS3 homebrew enthusiasts backed into a corner when they released the security-enhanced 3.41 firmware and cut off PlayStation Network access for all consoles that weren’t upgraded to the new version. But, as we all know, hackers are a tough bunch to control, especially with something like a little firmware upgrade.

Some enterprising PS3 owners, unwilling to upgrade to the latest firmware and lose their Jailbreak functionality, have created their own alternative to the PSN store to access retail game demos and share homebrew software.

PS3 hackers shut out of PlayStation Network create their own store

Team DemonHades, one of the major players on the PS3 Hack Scene has just released the Beta version of their new creation they have dubbed the PSX Store. Here’s the translated announcement from their blog:

As you know long ago our community was proposed in the Open PStore, a project which I unlink seeing the little / no care of their visual system, that is why we see this new project, I felt comfortable visual menu and care of every detail.

The organization is a remarkable point, the refresh rate and speed of access of content make this new system quick and easy way to have the latest without having to upgrade to 3.50.

We also have to say for the moment only has demos of retail games, not homebrew, so it is still that … a copy of Sony’s PSN.”

The interface to the new PSX Store seems a bit buggy right now, but that will surely improve with time and user feedback. It might not be a PSN replacement, but it looks like these guys are well on their way to building their own alternative online community so that the PS3 hackers won’t miss out on much.

So what is Sony’s move to quash this development? It’s not clear if the servers for this service are being hosted somewhere that might shelter them from legal action, but I’d say it’s a good bet. That, of course, doesn’t mean that Sony won’t try.