Ubisoft accused of pirating its own Assassin’s Creed digital music

French video game publisher Ubisoft elicited scorn from gamers and consumer rights advocates due to its widespread implementation of ‘always on’ DRM protection within the PC versions of countless titles. The measure was intended to cut-down on piracy, but found little favor within the gaming community. In January, the company relented and removed all DRM via an update.

Ironically, Ubisoft is now being accused of including music torrents from a file-sharing site as a bonus in the PC release of hit game “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.” Especially odd considering the music in question is Ubisoft’s own “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” soundtrack.

Ubisoft accused of pirating its own Assassin's Creed digital music

A Reddit user noticed the comical blunder after the files were uploaded containing an ID tag traced back to one “Arsa13.” Torrent Freak points out that “Arsa13” is a member of Demonoid and uploaded the game’s soundtrack months ago.

The Redditor – plginger – recently updated his initial discovery after video game sites caught on to the story, saying, “Ubisoft has updated the soundtrack in deluxe edition with a different rip. This version features a modified track list, a bit different average bitrate. The files are not tagged.”

Video game site Eurogamer reported that it received a curt response from Ubisoft that does not dismiss or counter the claim, but merely that the company is “investigating” it.

MyCE also reached out to Ubisoft for comment but received none as of the publication of this article. If the publisher does provide a substantive reply, this article will be updated.

More on this story as it develops.