Crucial P1 500GB NVMe SSD Review

Posted 23 January 2019 16:39 CET by Jeremy Reynolds


The summary includes the following factors:

  • The best price for the nearest to 0.5 TB version of the drive, as found on (LambdaTek for Toshiba OCZ R100) at the time of publishing (Samsung 970 EVO 500GB – £109.95, Adata SX8200 480GB – £101.92, Corsair MP300 480GB – £110.76, Toshiba OCZ R100 480Gb – £122.81, Crucial P1 500GB – £72.99) converted to a price per GB.  Please note that we still do not find a price for the Toshiba XG6 listed in the UK.
  • Endurance – the amount of data that can be written to the drive within a 5 year period and for the drive to remain in warranty, stated as the number of GB that can be written per GB of the drive’s user capacity. So, for example, the Samsung 970 EVO 1TB is warranted for 600TB of writes and the GBs that can be written per GB of user capacity is 600,000 / 1,000 = 600GB.
  • The Sequential Writes and Reads and Random 4K Writes and Reads results from our OakGate FOB Tests
  • The PCmark8 ‘Real World’ Storage Benchmark score
  • The Anvil Synthetic Benchmark score

The best result for each factor is highlighted in green.  Other drives will be added to the NVMe Comparison Summary as we move forward.

Some observations on the Comparison Summary to date –

The Corsair MP300 and the Toshiba OCZ RC100 are 2 lane drives (2 x PCIe 3) whereas the others are 4 lane, so they are expected to have lower performance.

Top scores in performance benchmarks are now being shared by the Samsung 970 EVO, the Adata SX8200, the Toshiba XG6, and the Crucial P1.

It’s interesting to note that the difference in the PCMark8 Storage benchmark results is relatively marginal and this suggests to me that the user experience to be gained from each drive would be very similar – or to put it another way I very much doubt that a user could tell the difference.

So where does the Crucial P1 stand?  My feeling is that it has reasonable performance but clearly the endurance level could be seen as a negative.  The Crucial P1 has a significant price advantage but is it enough given the endurance level?  For me the Crucial would be great value for a drive that is to be used very largely for reading data. For example, I have several TBs of movies and a few TBs of games that are essentially static data and I would be happy to use P1’s for holding this type of information, but I would be reluctant to use it as a boot drive. 

All in all though, I am happy to award the Crucial P1 our rating of ‘Excellent’.