Nero 12 Platinum Preview Wombler .

Find out what the latest Nero 12 Platinum multimedia package is like in this detailed preview brought to you by MyCE.

Find out what the latest Nero 12 Platinum multimedia package is like in this detailed preview brought to you by MyCE.

Nero 12 Platinum Preview

Posted 07 November 2012 23:11 CET by Wombler

Review: Nero 12 Platinum Reviewed by: Wombler Provided by: Nero AG

There aren’t many multimedia packages that would be as well known as Nero and Nero 12 is the latest incarnation of the world famous multimedia suite. Nero AG has kindly provided a copy of the Nero 12 Platinum edition and it’s this that we’ve selected for this preview.

If you would like any additional information about Nero you can find further details on their website here.

Nero 12 Platinum suite has an extensive range of components dealing with all aspects of multimedia and we’ll look at these features below. But first, let’s look at the installation.  

Installation & Setup

Nero 12 is a large collection of programs and as such the installation files represent a fairly hefty download, with the Platinum Edition weighing in at 1.54GB and the downloaded zip file expanding to a 2.71GB installation folder. Boxed versions on disc are available to order though if you’ve a slow connection or just like having the packaging.

I had a few teething troubles with the installation but having read the Nero support forums all that was required was to temporarily disable my anti-virus during the install and run the setup program as an Administrator.

Once up and running the actual installation ran very smoothly starting with the following frontend from which you can install the full Nero 12 package, then the additional content pack as detailed below.

Next a list of the additional software required to run the program appears. These are set up and configured automatically for you by the Nero installation routines.

At this point you’re given the choice of installing the Ask toolbar and a reboot is required, after which you’re asked for your registration serial, then accept a standard Licence Agreement, then choose from the following configuration options. You can use the ‘Installation Settings’ button to reconfigure any options or choose which components you wish to install. For the purposes of this preview though I chose the default full installation with all the components installed to hard disk.

The installation of the various Nero 12 components then proceeds and completes with the following screen.

This completes the installation so let’s head to the next page and have a look at what has been installed.