Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Preview Antonis Sapanidis . are proud to present a preview of the new Nero 10 Multimedia Suite.
In this preview, we will take a first look at the new features of Nero 10 Multimedia Suite are proud to present a preview of the new Nero 10 Multimedia Suite.
In this preview, we will take a first look at the new features of Nero 10 Multimedia Suite

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Preview

Posted 11 April 2010 23:15 CET by Antonis Sapanidis



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Nero AG was kind to offer us their new multimedia suite, so we will take a quick preview before the suite will be released. For more info about Nero AG click here. The new Nero multimedia suite offers many new features and updates, a few that got our attention were, Nero MediaHub, Nero DiscSpan and the support for CUDA, we will say a few more words about all this in the next part. First let’s take a look at our test system and the installation of Nero multimedia suite.

First we removed the previous version of Nero from our system and installed the new one; one of the first things that we noticed is that the installation process was very fast, especially since we selected a full install of the multimedia suite. When the installation was finished Nero had made 5 shortcuts in the Desktop.

Now let’s take a look at Nero Burning Rom 10

The first application of the Nero multimedia suite that we tried was Nero Burning Rom 10. First of all we were surprised with the loading speed of the application but there were a few more things that caught our attention in this preview.

One of them is the DiscSpan function, this will allow you to copy one or more files into multiple disks without the use of any external programs, also Nero will inform you how many disc are required for this operation to be completed.

Here is what you will see when you insert the discs into your drive.

As we can see you insert the wrong disc.

And here is the correct disc for the extraction, simply Run NeroDiscMerger,

 You will get this friendly interface to allow you to extract the files in the path that you selected.


The next thing that caught out attention was the SecurDisc feature, for more info you can read this or visit At this point we would like to add that all these features are available for all formats (CD’s, DVD’s and BLU-RAY), and the final option that we would like to mention is the AVCHD video.

Also Nero StartSmart has all the features that we know from previous version, and again it has made a big improvement on loading and also a step forward on the visual side. We have added a screenshot to give you an idea how it looks.


At this point we can say that the version 10 of Nero Burning Rom is a big step forward, starting from the fast loading and then going to all the new features that  this application is offering to the user.

Nero Backitup & Burn

Nero Backitup is an application that will allow you to make backup’s from files and folders or even a backup of a hard disc, it will also allow you to restore the files, folders or hard disk that you selected to restore. Nero also offers an option to auto backup on hard disk or online. You can also make a disaster image of your files or folders in case things go wrong, and also you get the option to recover deleted files from your hard disk. 

Here is a screenshot of Nero Backitup 10

We can say that Nero Backitup will do a good job of keeping your files safe, but even if something does goes wrong you can always recover the files that you accidently deleted.