Plextor PX-NAS2-BL1 Review Antonis Sapanidis .

In this NAS review, MyCE is taking a closer look at the Plextor PX-NAS2-BL1 NAS. Read further to see the full Plextor PX-NAS2-BL1 Review.

In this NAS review, MyCE is taking a closer look at the Plextor PX-NAS2-BL1 NAS. Read further to see the full Plextor PX-NAS2-BL1 Review.

Plextor PX-NAS2-BL1 Review

Posted 20 October 2010 14:27 CET by Antonis Sapanidis

Review: Plextor PX-NAS2 Reviewed by: Vroom Provided by: Plextor Europe Manufactured: July 2010

In this NAS review, MyCE is taking a closer look at the Plextor PX-NAS2-BL1 NAS. This NAS system has two 500GB hard drives and a gigabit connection. Plextor was kind enough to send us the PX-NAS2 home network storage for a review.

We will check all the features of the NAS2 in the next pages, but first we like to say that this unit comes in three flavors, first without any hard drives, second with 2x 500GB and the third that has 2x 1TB hard drives.

NAS Specifications

Here are the specifications off the PX-NAS2 that we found on the Plextor site.


Let’s take a look at the packaging.

Front side.

Back side.

Both rear sides.


What’s inside the box

Now it’s time to take a look at the drive itself and what the drive came shipped with.


Our retail package contained the PX-NAS2 unit, the power supply unit and cables for the U.K. and Europe, an instructions manual, UTP cable, the software CD and four extra screws.

Now let’s take a closer look at the unit.

A general view of the drive.

The front side of the NAS2.

The bottom of the Plextor PX-NAS2, we can see that it’s made in Taiwan, and assembled in Netherlands, also there is the serial number for the backup software.

The label indicates that the drive was manufactured in April 2010 in China.

Here we can see the back side of the NAS2.

Also three screws that when you remove them you can remove the cover

Test machine

For this review we will be a pc with the following configuration:


  • Motherboard: Gigabyte P55A-UD4
  • Processor: Intel i5 750 @ 3.2GHz
  • RAM: 2 x 2GB Corsair Dominator PC-12800
  • GFX: ATI Radeon HD 5670
  • Sound: Onboard Realtek
  • Hard disk: Western Digital Scorpio Black 1Tb
  • Display: Fujitsu Siemens 22"
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Premium (64 bit)


Software Bundle:

Now let’s take a brief look at the supplied software bundle. Please note that we may not use any of this software in this review.

The disc of the Plextor PX-NAS2 offers all the software you need to configure and backup our NAS. You will also find adobe acrobat reader, and all the manuals in PDF.

The Plextor PX-NAS2 came preconfigured in RAID1, so there was no need to re-configure it. But if someone wants to reconfigure the PX-NAS2 can easily do that. Plextor offers the following configuration, RAID0,RADI1 and JBOD and all this can be done through the a web interface, all the info on the raid mode, settings and how to configure can also be found in the PDF document provided in the with the Plextor cd.

The first screen of the Plextor PX-NAS2, in the first screen we see four main icons, the Setup, the Tools, Documents and the Registration. In the bottom we also have the Browse CD, Exit and Home.

The Tools menu has three options, first to install Acrobat Reader, Link Capture and Memeo Instant Backup Software. We will take a look at the Memeo Instant Backup Software.


Memeo Instant Backup Software installation.

Now let’s have a quick view on what the Memeo Backup Software can do.

In the first screen it will ask you to create an account. After that you can start using the program.

Here we selected the Network Places and the destination folder on the NAS, as we can see the program also can backup our data on other places and mediums, such as HDD, online, USB Drive or even your Ipod.

Then we selected the folders that we want to backup in the NAS, click on next and the backup will start. Here we can see a lot of options for backup, such as Documents, Bookmarks, Outlook, Videos and music.

The final stage of backup we can see an the arrows moving forward and the information on the size of data that we backup and how much are backup in the destination. At the bottom left we see how much space we are using for online backup.

Let’s move on the setup and some other features of the Plextor PX-NAS2 ….