Toshiba MG07ACA14TE 14TB SATA Enterprise HDD Review

Posted 13 August 2018 14:14 CET by Jeremy Reynolds


The MG07ACA ran perfectly throughout our testing and it remained noticeably cooler and quieter than other HDDs I have tested.

The fastest HDD I have tested is the 15,000 RPM Toshiba AL14SXB90EN, and for interest let’s see how the MG07ACA’s performance compares for some of the key performance metrics.

You can see that although the MG07ACA is slower, it does not lie far behind, which is excellent given its capacity and price.

A negative for the MG070ACA is that it does not include power failure protection features.

I found the Toshiba MG07ACA14TE on sale at for GBP £554.48.

I am pleased to award the Toshiba MG07ACA14TE 14TB SATA HDD our rating of ‘Excellent’.