Toshiba OCZ RC100 480GB NVMe SSD Review

Posted 05 August 2018 17:51 CET by Jeremy Reynolds


Here is our summarised view of the latest NVMe drives we have reviewed –

NVMe drives Comparison Summary

The summary includes the following factors:

  • The best price for the nearest to 0.5 TB version of the drive, as found on or at the time of publishing (Samsung 970 EVO 500GB – £149.99, Adata SX8200 480GB – £116.52, Corsair MP300 480GB – £134.98, Toshiba OCZ R100 480Gb – £155.23) converted to a price per GB.
  • Endurance – the amount of data that can be written to the drive within a 5 year period and for the drive to remain in warranty, stated as the number of GB that can be written per GB of the drive’s user capacity. So, for example, the Samsung 970 EVO 1TB is warranted for 600TB of writes and the GBs that can be written per GB of user capacity is 600,000 / 1,000 = 600GB.
  • The Sequential Writes and Reads and Random 4K Writes and Reads results from our OakGate FOB Tests
  • The PCmark8 ‘Real World’ Storage Benchmark score
  • The Anvil Synthetic Benchmark score

The best result for each factor is highlighted in green.  Other drives will be added to the NVMe Comparison Summary as we move forward.

Some observations on the Comparison Summary to date –

The Samsung 970 EVO is winning in most of the performance benchmarks, but the SX8200 hits back hard with sensational low queue depth random results, which makes the SX8200 an excellent system drive.

It’s interesting to note that the difference in the PCMark8 Storage benchmark results is marginal and this suggests to me that the user experience to be gained from each drive would be very similar – or to put it another way I very much doubt that a user could tell the difference.

The Samsung 970 EVO and the Toshiba RC100 both have good endurance (to my knowledge, and curiously, Adata hasn’t stated an endurance level for the SX8200 and Corsair hasn’t stated an endurance level for the MP300).

There’s not much in the pricing but it is clear that Toshiba offers no price advantage in the UK currently and to make an impact on the market and open a new ‘entry level’ market segment I feel they need to. I’ve noticed in the past that Toshiba SSDs are rarely priced keenly in the UK so it occurred to me that it may be the UK market that is not showing a price advantage for the Toshiba and Corsair drives, so I took a look over at Newegg USA, where I found the following prices –

          Samsung 970 EVO 500GB        – USD 189             USD 0.378 per GB

          Adata SX8200 480GB               – USD 189.98        USD 0.396 per GB

          Corsair MP300 480GB               – USD 139.99        USD 0.292 per GB

          Toshiba OCZ RC100 480GB      – USD 154.99        USD 0.323 per GB

You can see that in the US market the 2 lane drives are showing a price advantage!

I also commend Toshiba for the RC100’s outstanding power efficiency, which will make the RC100 an excellent choice for use in a laptop.  I was also very pleased with the RC100’s post trim recovery.

So, which drive would I choose in the USA? All things weighed up I’d go for the Toshiba OCZ R100, especially if it is to be used in a laptop.

So, which drive would I choose in the UK? I’d go for the Adata SX8200.

I found the Toshiba OCZ R100 480GB listed on for GBP £155.23. Why does the UK have to suffer inflated prices?

I am pleased to award the Toshiba OCZ R100 our rating of ‘Excellent’.