Toshiba X300 6TB High Performance HDD Review

Posted 14 March 2017 13:31 CET by Jeremy Reynolds


All things considered the benchmark tests show that the X300 lives up to its billing as a High Performance HDD.

Personally I did not find the X300 to be noisy (though it is not silent like an SSD) and it did not get excessively hot.

At the start of this review I explained that I wanted to investigate the case for the use of a high performance HDD (such as the X300) as a data store in conjunction with an SSD based boot drive. So putting the use of benchmarks aside, and as someone who is used to using extremely fast SSDs for everything except archiving data, how did it feel to use the X300 as a data store and games platform?  (To experience running games I copied my Steam library to the X300).  The honest answer is that I found it to be quite satisfying, although some regular tasks took noticeably longer (e.g. regular backups and other long running tasks such as video ripping/rendering) things mostly felt the same (e.g. loading/saving documents/pictures and running games). So, I can conclude that the case for using an SSD as a boot drive in conjunction with a large HDD is convincing, especially given the price advantage HDDs still hold over SSDs.  

I found the Toshiba X300 6TB available for GBP 183.36, which is GBP 0.30 per Gigabyte – great value, I feel. If you need, or would like, 6TB of storage at a reasonable price, I am happy to recommend the X300.   

I am therefore pleased to award the Toshiba X300 6TB our rating of ‘Excellent’ and name it as an "Editor’s Choice".