ADATA DashDrive Elite 500GB USB3 review


ADATA has given us a pleasant surprise with
the DashDrive Elite, and from the clean and minimal design of the package, to
the drive itself. The drive is only 8.9mm thick, has a stainless steel housing
that not only it looks good but it also helps to keep the drive inside cool.
Speaking about the inside, you will find a 7mm hard drive manufactured by
Seagate that rotates at 5400RPM and has 16MB of cache. All of these are more
than enough to give very good results no matter how you will be using your
drive. Finally it’s available at a reasonable price, according to
you can find the drive at £63.

The only negative that someone can say
about the ADATA DashDrive Elite is that it is a finger print magnet and you
need to clean it frequently. If only ADATA had added a carrying pouch it would
have made this drive one of my very first choices when it comes to external drives.



  • Stylish design
  • Very thin, only 8.9mm high
  • Compatible with Windows/Linux and Mac OS
  • Three year warranty
  • Solidly built
  • Free software from ADATA



  • Finger print magnet.


“The ADATA DashDrive Elite is probably
the best looking drive you can get. It’s slim and has a stainless steel
chassis. Most importantly it is able to give very good results in all of my
Therefore I will be giving the drive the ‘Very
good’ award and also the “Editor’s choice” award.

ADATA DashDrive Elite 500GB USB3 review

ADATA DashDrive Elite 500GB USB3 review