ADATA SP900 128GB SSD Review

Final thoughts and the conclusion

To sum up, this is
what I would say:

The ADATA SP900 has shown that the daily
performance of an SSD is far away from any mechanical solution, but is this
enough? The answer isn’t simply a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, it’s more complicated. It has
to do with your needsand how much you are willing to spend on an SSD.

ADATA’s SP900 from the beginning gave me
the impression that it’s mainly aimed at the daily PC user, and in that regard
it gives very good performance. A generally fast drive, that can easily be an
“unbeatable upgrade” especially if you are moving from a mechanical HDD, or a
first generation SSD. The trim performance is also one more positive and the
drive can recover  very quickly from a used state back to close to new.

There are a couple of negatives, and the
first one is the asynchronous NAND, but that’s something that is expected from
a drive that is not aimed at enthusiasts. The other is the price, and what do I
mean by that? By the time I was finishing this review I wasn’t able to find a
price for the drive. Therefore I can simply hope that ADATA price this
aggressively, because the competition out there is very tough.



Let us summarise the most important positive
and negative points below:


  • Excellent operation as a system drive.
  • Excellent sequential read/write speeds on
    sequential data
  • Access times.
  • SATA 6Gbps support.
  • Good TRIM performance.
  • Fast operating system shutdown times.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Extra capacity


  • Asynchronous NAND.

The parting sentence is:

“The general good performance of the
drive and the extra capacity that it offers are some things that you can’t ignore.
As I’ve said, this drive has the potential to be an ‘unbeatable upgrade’ for
your home or work system, but only if it follows a good pricing policy.”  

I therefore give the ‘Very Good’ rating to
the ADATA SP900 SSD.

ADATA SP900 128GB SSD Review

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ADATA SP900 128GB SSD Review

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ADATA SP900 128GB SSD Review

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ADATA SP900 128GB SSD Review

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