Adata XPG SX950U 240GB SATA SSD Review


From a performance perspective the Adata XPG SX950U does not
stand out from the other modern SATA SSDs I have tested.  Having said this I
very much doubt that a user would perceive any difference in use between it and
the fastest SATA SSD I have evaluated.  In truth there is little or no
meaningful differentiation in the performance of good SATA SSDs these days, and
they are all pushing the boundaries of SATA bandwidth.  

The SX950U does though have an effective implementation of
an SLC Write Cache buffer, and it does recover very effectively following trim
activity (as demonstrated in our intensely demanding Recovery Test) which are
important positives.

If you can find an SX950U available at a good price I’m sure
you will be a satisfied user.  I am pleased to award the SX950U our ‘Excellent’