Ballistix Elite 3466MHz DDR4 RAM review


We all know and use WinRAR, as it’s one of
the best compression programs, but it also has a build in benchmark feature, so
I let it run for two minutes and here are the results for the Ballistix Elite DDR4

You can compare the results with other RAM
that I have tested.

Ballistix Elite Winrar results

The performance of Ballistix Elite, as
expected, was higher, and in the above graph we can see the benefits of faster
RAM. An excellent result for the BallistiX Elite RAM.


AIDA 64 is great software. It can help you
identify your hardware, it can test your system for stability, and you can also
use it to do benchmarks. For this test I will be using the memory benchmarking
features of AIDA 64, I will be running the test five times and present the
average result. Below are the results for memory read/write/copy and also

Ballistix Elite Aida Memory benchmark results

In the AIDA 64 test the BallistiX Elite RAM
gave excellent results.

Ballistix Elite Aida 64 latency results

Latency was simply outstanding, especially
for a 3466MHz quad kit.

Cinebench R15

Cinebench is a real world cross platform
test suite that evaluates your computer’s performance capabilities, and with
this test we can see if there is a difference in performance.

Ballistix Elite Cinebench results

Since this test is more focused on the CPU
we can see that the faster RAM has very small impact on the result.

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