Ballistix Elite 3466MHz DDR4 RAM review

Closing thoughts

The Ballistix Elite RAM was always an
excellent choice. You get the best that Ballistix has to offer for speed, build
quality, and as expected a lifetime warranty. Also the all black look is
another plus, since they will fit aesthetically in almost all systems. However
when you get the best that is available, there is a premium to be payed, and
this kit not cheap. It will therefore cost you a lot of money, but if you need
the speed, and the size, then you will go for it, as I would.

One of my first concerns was how and if
this kit was going to work in my test system, mainly because I was planning to
use it on a Z170 as it’s a well documented fact that Z170 loves dual channel
memory, and when you have all four slots populated you put more stress on the
memory controller. So after plugging in all four DIMMs I was pleasantly surprised
that the system identified them all and I only needed enable the XMP profile then
reboot.  After that everything worked just perfectly.

Performance was simply outstanding. In all
of the RAM tests that I have run so far, the Ballistix Elite was easily giving
me the best results, and by far one of the best latency results that I have
seen to date.

The final sentence is that the Ballistix
Elite continues to be an excellent choice for those that want the best when it
comes to performance, build quality, and compatibility.

I give the Ballistix Elite DDR4 kit
the ‘Excellent award’ Award

Myce excellent rating


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