Myce announces winner of best consumer SSD of 2013 award

2013 has been a busy year for the editors here at The review team having tested and reviewed many SSDs and other digital storage hardware. We thought it would be interesting for our
members if we shared our thoughts with you all regarding what we consider to be the best consumer grade SSD of 2013 from the ones that we have tested.

This year was always going to be an interesting year for SSDs. Prices have dropped considerably, and there has been a lot of consolidation in this area of computer technology. We’ve seen many manufacturers involved in SSD technology being acquired by larger companies. We’ve also sadly seen the manufacturer who paved the way for making consumer grade SSDs affordable, run into serious
financial difficulties.

In late 2012 we saw two extraordinary SSD ranges hit the market, the Samsung 840 Pro series, and the OCZ Technology Vector series, which are still arguably the fastest SSDs currently available. With this in mind, 2013 was going to be difficult year, from a performance perspective, to get ahead of those SSDs. So let’s take a look at what was available in 2013, and ultimately decide on which SSD the Myce review editors picked as the best consumer grade SSD of 2013.

The year got off to a bang with the Plextor M5 Extreme Pro, an SSD with outstanding performance and stability, backed by a five year warranty.


Another SSD that made waves in 2013 was the Crucial M500, which offers excellent performance coupled with an attractive price tag, and high storage capacities.

Seagate also got very serious about SSDs when they launched the 600 and 600 Pro series. Using a LAMD controller, these SSDs offer excellent performance and stability, and are very affordable.

Enter the big guns, OCZ and Samsung

OCZ updated their Vector series with the launch of the Vector 150. The Vector 150 uses the extremely powerful Indilinx Barefoot 3 SSD controller, coupled to
Toshiba 19nm toggle 2 NAND. The Vector 150 has outstanding performance, and boasts the highest sustainable performance of any consumer grade SSD. It will be interesting to see how Toshiba moves forward with the OCZ product line, assuming that their acquisition of OCZ goes ahead.

That leaves us with our winner of the ‘best consumer grade SSD of 2013’ the Samsung 840 EVO series. The Samsung 840 EVO is an outstanding performer, has a fantastic feature set, matched by probably the best SSD utility software currently available which they call ‘Magician’. Add to this the powerful three core MEX SSD controller, advanced data security features, ‘Rapid mode’, emulated SLC NAND, and you end up with a TLC NAND based SSD that can compete head on with the very fastest toggle 2 NAND based SSDs, and they are priced very competitively.


Therefore the review editors have voted unanimously for the Samsung 840 EVO series of SSDs to be the worthy winner of the best consumer grade SSD of 2013.

Myce announces winner of best consumer SSD of 2013 award
Samsung 840 EVO series, consumer SSD of the year.