Corsair Strafe keyboard, a quick look

A brief look at the Corsair CUE software

The Corsair CUE software is another thing that
adds more value to the Corsair Strafe keyboard, especially for the RGB version.
It give you more control over lighting, allows you to add custom micro
commands, and even more options. So let’s take a brief look at the CUE software.

Corsair CUE software

The first screen of the Corsair CUE
software, and the part of this that got my attention was that you can change
the RGB on your mouse pad, mouse, and headphones, that’s if they support it. So
if they do, then with one piece of software you can do a lot to customize the
appearance of your peripherals.


Corsair CUE software, lightning options

Selecting the keyboard icon and clicking on
the lightning effects tab gives you this screen. For me this was the main
reason to install this software, so that I can see what other modes are offered
when it comes to effects, and as we can see there are a lot.

Corsair CUE software, lightning options, detailed

Pick the one that you like, but I have to
say that I ended up with the Static Color.

Corsair CUE software, performance options


On the Performance tab you have
some extra controls,
for example you can change the brightness, and also disable some extra
functions, like alt+tab, or alt+F4. There is also the Actions tab but
this is
something for users that want more control, and also want to use
macros. You
can find a lot of information about it in the PDF that Corsair has, but
you can
also check their forum and there you will find more information and
ways to customize the look of the

A closer look on the Corsair Strafe.