Corsair Strafe keyboard, a quick look

About the Keyboard

One of the many reasons why you might want
to move to a mechanical keyboard is the sound, and those noisy clicky Cherry MX
keys are more than welcomed. They’re as noisy as you need them to be but at the
same time not annoying as far as I am concerned. Now, if you are typing a lot and
with other people near you, to them this might get irritating very soon, but
you can always get the Cherry MX silent keys. For some of us one of the reasons
to go to a mechanical keyboard instead of the typical cheap silent membrane keyboard,
is the noise that the Cherry MX keys make. In the end though it’s all about
personal preference and it’s nice to have options.

Cherry MX RED switches

A quick look at the switches and the
position of the LEDs.


For me the main reason to complain with the
Cherry MX RED switches is also the main positive for others. As a linear switch
it’s more optimized for gamers that will give them faster response, but if you
are typing you will make more typing errors because they can get pushed more
easily by accident, and this will add more time to correcting all your typos.

Coming back to the colour of the Corsair
Strafe. The red colour might not be the ideal or the best option for everyone,
and in that case you will have to disable the LED or pay the extra for the RGB
version of the Strafe, which can customize the colour to whatever you like. I
personally needed a few hours to get used to the red colour, and after that I
never again gave a thought for any other colour. It’s bright and I mainly had it
set to the lowest brightness setting. When everything is fully lit it looks
great though, and at night its lowest brightness setting wasn’t too bright. It
allowed me to very easily see the keys and at the same time they did not
reflect on my desk or more importantly on my monitor. Even at its maximum
brightness it still looked good and did not produce an unnecessary amount light.

Build quality of the Corsair Strafe is
surprisingly very impressive, taking into consideration that it’s plastic. Don’t
think for a moment that Corsair saved or sacrificed anything on the build
quality, as everything screams quality from the thick cable to the weight of
the keyboard, which weighs 1.3 kilos and you will have a hard time making it
flex, something that I could very easily have done with my previous cheap
membrane keyboard.

Corsair Strafe cable

Here a comparison of the Corsair Strafe
cable, the one at the top, compared to the cable that my Microsoft mouse has.


The cable has two USB connectors, one for
the keyboard and another one that can be used as a pass through.  You can
charge your phone, plug a mouse, use it to plug a flash drive, or whatever else
you need. Keep in mind that for this function to work though you need to have
both USBs plugged in, and USB speed will be limited to USB2.

Corsair Strafe USB port

The pass-through
USB port on the back of the Corsair Strafe.

Corsair Strafe USB port test result

As you might have guest from the color of the USB port the speed is USB2, here
is a quick test with a USB3 flash drive. Still is a nice option to have and
should make life much easier.


Corsair Strafe USB connectors

two USB connectors, which are very clearly marked as to what each one does.

There is also a function FN key, and by
default you can control some very basic audio features, like play/pause, stop, next
and previous track, but also you can mute the audio and change the volume, and
these are welcomed additions. There are also two further dedicated buttons, the
first one can change the brightness, from zero to its maximum, and the other is
a more important key. Pressing this will disable/enable the windows key, so you
won’t have the Windows start menu showing on your screen during gaming.

Corsair Strafe Function keys


The main
audio and volume functions can be accessed by using the FN key.

Corsair Strafe windows key lock and light button

always, the three indicator LEDs, the brightness and the windows lock buttons.



Closing thoughts on the Corsair Strafe