Corsair Strafe keyboard, a quick look

Final thoughts

I have to say it’s been a long time since I
was impressed by a keyboard, and the Corsair Strafe is an excellent keyboard. Starting
with the build quality, it feels solid, you can’t bend it, and it also has a
weight that adds more to the stability and giving something extra to the build
quality. Corsair offers the CUE software which adds more functionality to the
keyboard, and it can also be used with various other Corsair peripherals.
Thankfully Corsair got it right, having added all the functionality that is needed,
straight out of the box. You have the some multimedia controls, also the
brightness settings, and for gamers, the key to lock the Windows key. The extra
USB port is also welcomed, and I have to say that I have not used it, but it’s
nice to have.

Corsair Strafe side view

Now the Strafe comes in RGB and RED, I have
opted for the RED version, mainly because at the time that I purchased this keyboard,
it cost me 89 Euros, and it was the best keyboard that I could get for that
amount of money. The Cherry MX RED switches are okay, and I would have
preferred to have it with Cherry MX BLUE, but it was only available with REDs.
It takes a while to learn to type on them, but after a few days you get used to
it, also you get used to the sound. This is another reason why I went for
mechanical keyboard.


The Corsair Strafe is an excellent choice
when it comes to mechanical keyboards, it offers great value for money, it has
excellent build quality, and it’s my recommendation, especially if you can find
it at the same price as I did. If not it still is an excellent choice.

Corsair Strafe excellent award


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