Corsair Vengeance 2666MHz RGB DDR4 RAM review

Closing thoughts

As I said at the beginning of my review I was never a fan of RGB lighting, in general, but having them in your system and watching them in videos are two different things and this can make a difference when it comes to liking something or not. Once I installed them I have to say that I liked them, great colours, vibrant, and bright enough to make a
statement regarding the visual appearance of your system. I admit that I enjoyed them more than I had imagined I would.

Performance out of the box, with the default XMP profile, was very good for a 2666MHz kit, and also playing with the timings can get you that little extra from the Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 RAM. I was not very lucky when I tried to overclock them, and in my system they only worked at 2666MHz. You can expect different results though with different

For me the most important thing when it comes to RAM is stability, and the Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 RAM was rock solid, zero issues, and the XMP profile worked as expected. Even when I tightened the timings everything worked without any issue.

Corsair Venegeance RGB DDR4 RAM image

The Corsair Link software is an extra added bonus that gives you a lot of options to play with, the colour of the RAM, from a solid colour for all RAM sticks, to different colour for each RAM stick, rainbow, colour pulse, and colour shift. In the Corsair Link software you get a lot more useful information about your hardware and you can also control any other hardware that you have from Corsair (like a water cooler for example) as long as it is supported.

The lifetime warranty is something that we expect, and it’s always welcomed, especially on a product that features a lot of new technology like the Vengeance RGB DDR4 RAM.

Speaking about new technologies, as you can probably guess, there is a price premium for the Corsair Vengance RGB DDR4 RAM, and this might push some of you away. You can always buy the non-RGB Vengeance at a more attractive price, but if you like the way that this RAM looks, and they can fit into your system build, then you will enjoy them.

The final sentence is that the Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 RAM is something different when it comes to looks, and I have to say that this is an extra bonus, the performance of this kit was also very good.

I give the Corsair Vengace RGB DDR4 RAM kit the “Excellent” rating and the “Editor’s Choice” award.

myce excellent rating

myce editor choice award


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