Corsair Voyager GS USB3 64GB Review


Test system and test procedures

For this review I will be using a PC with
the following configuration.



  • MOTHERBOARD: ASRock extreme4 Z77
  • CPU: Intel
    2500K @ 4Ghz
  • CPU COOLER: Corsair A70
  • RAM: 16GB
    Crucial BallistiX Sports
  • VGA: Intel
  • HDD1: Corsair
    Nova 60GB (OS)
  • PSU: Corsair
    CX 430Watt


Testing methods

I will try to keep my testing methods as
simple as possible and repeatable on various systems. I will run two simple
benchmarks, ATTO and CrystalDiskMark, as both tools can give a
good impression of how the drive performs. I will also run these benchmarks
with the two most common file systems that most users use, the older and more compatible
file system FAT32, and NTFS which is the current standard that
has a lot of benefits over FAT32. There will also be some real life
tests, simple tasks such as copy/paste and also a compatibility test with a
list of various consumer devices that most people will use in or out of their

FAT32 Tests

So let’s start testing the Corsair Voyager
GS with the FAT32 file-system.


My first test will be running ATTO to give
an idea of the sequential performance of the flash drive.

Corsair Voyager GS USB3 64GB Review

As was promised on the box, the drive was
able to reach its maximum read speed without sweating, however the Corsair
Voyager GS only reached 58MB/Sec when it came to write performance. A nice
result though to start our tests.


Corsair Voyager GS USB3 64GB Review

CrystalDiskMark gives a totally different view on the performance of
the drive, especially when it comes to write sequential data. As you can see
from the results the numbers look outstanding with sequential data, also very
impressive are the numbers when it comes to read performance. But we will get the
chance to look at them more closely in the real life test.


You can see how the Corsair Voyager GS compares to some other USB3
flash drives I have tested in the following graph.

Corsair Voyager GS USB3 64GB Review

Here you can see the read


Corsair Voyager GS USB3 64GB Review

and here are the write results.


Very impressive read performance for the
Corsair Voyager GS, but the write results are mixed, as we can see from the
CrystalDiskMark results.


Let’s move to the next page and test the
drive with the NTFS file system…