Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review


Let us summarise the most important positive
and negative points below:

To sum up, this is what I would say:

I have one major complaint about the drive,
and that is the fact that it wasn’t able to reach 90K in my 4K test. Others might
also complain about the clip on chassis, but it holds the drive nicely, so no
major complaints on that from me.


The Crucial Storage Executive is a nice
touch for the Crucial BX100, I still like the 7mm to 9.5mm adapter.

The biggest positive for the Crucial BX100
SSD is its sequential read speed, and sequential write speeds are also very
good. With an attractive price tag this drive should be an excellent
replacement for your HDD.

Real  world performance was also very good,
and from the tests that I did the drive not only gave a solid performance when
it came to speed, but its overall daily experience was very good and never at any
point did I miss the extra write performance.


The parting sentence is:

“The Crucial BX100 SSD has very good
performance for an affordable drive, and the battle will be won if Crucial can
price the BX100 aggressively.”

I am going to give the Crucial BX100 the
“Very good” rating and the “Editor’s Choice” award


Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review

Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review

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Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review

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Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review

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Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review

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Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review

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