Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review – An affordable SSD

Real World Tests, part two

On this page I will mainly focus on the software and some extra tests that I have run on the Crucial BX200 960GB SSD.

Storage executive suite

As expected this is the software that Crucial provides so that you can have full control of our SSD and a much more detailed view of the drive’s health. You can download the latest version here, and it’s available for the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows.

The Storage Executive suite will check the health of your hard drive, allow you to check for the latest firmware, allow you to look and monitor S.M.A.R.T., and also give you some more advanced features like Secure erasing your SSD, if that is necessary. I will be only focusing on two parts of the Storage Executive suite, and I will start with the Momentum Cache. This function will allow you to increase the overall performance of your SSD, but it will use a proportion of your RAM.

Momentum Cache

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review - An affordable SSD

Simply click on the blue icon that says Enable Momentum Cache, and you will be asked to reboot our PC so that the changes can take effect. After that you will be using certain parts of your system RAM to increase the performance of your SSD.

Here is a quick test that I ran using ATTO.

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review - An affordable SSD


Here we are testing something that I feel  is very important and something that I use on my all my SSDs, and this is Over-Provisioning. I am sure that many of our readers have already read the article that we published back in April 2013, but if you haven’t read it you can find it here.
As I said, I always leave some free unallocated space on my SSDs, and depending on the size of the drive this usually is somewhere from 5GB up to 20GB. This
has to be done during the installation of Windows or later through Windows Dsik Management, however most people don’t touch this, either because they might be afraid or because they don’t have the knowledge to do so.

Here is where things get very exciting. Crucial through the Storage Executive suite allows you to change this setting, and the whole process is very simple, as you can see from the picture below.

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review - An affordable SSD

As we can see the Storage Executive suite allows us to adjust the Over-Provisioning from 1% up to 50% of the total capacity of the drive. I am sure that very few will want so set it to something extreme like 50%, but usually 1-5% should be a very good setting. The nice thing is that when you put the number in the box the software will let you know how much space you will be sacrificing, in my case is 17.89GB, so now all I have to do is click on the Set OP button.

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review - An affordable SSD

As long as you want to allocate this space for Over-Provisioning all you have to do is click on the Set Over-Provisioning button, if not you can always click on Cancel.

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review - An affordable SSD

After a few seconds this is what you will see, and you now have 17.89GB allocated so that your SSD controller can use. But if you are limited for space you can always clear that Over-Provisioning and use the extra 17.89GB for storage.

Write Speed

During the real world tests I noticed that the drive was sometimes reaching very low speeds, from 80MB/Sec to 60MB/sec. Below is a screen-shot that I took during the copying of various files from one folder to another, on the same disk.

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review - An affordable SSD

I therefore decided to also run the HD Tune application write test, and below is the result.

Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review - An affordable SSD

As we can see the write speed of the Crucial BX200 is able to stay close to 360MB/Sec for the first 150GB, after that it stays somewhere close to 60-70MB/Sec, clearly showing that this drive isn’t aimed to those that want to frequently write data to their SSD.

However for daily tasks, that aren’t very write intensive, the Crucial BX200 has very good performance, and is still very fast compared to any laptop hard drive.


This concludes our review. To read the final thoughts and conclusion, click the link below….