Crucial M500 SSD Review – A continuing evolution


Let us summarise the most important
positive and negative points below:


  • Outstanding operation as a system drive.
  • Is able to achieve 80.000 IOPS without
  • SATA 6Gbps support.
  • 7mm thick SSD ready for Ultrabooks.
  • Hardware data encryption.
  • Very fast recovery from a used state.
  • Adaptive thermal protection.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Very well priced.


  • None

To sum up, this is what I would say:

As I said at the beginning, ‘evolution’,
is the word that describes the M500 and reflects the work that Crucial has put
into this drive not only to make it faster than the M4, but also implement
technologies such as hardware encryption and adaptive thermal protection. But
not stopped there, a custom firmware for the Marvell controller and the new
20nm NAND are also steps forward and are some of the key features contributing
to the performance of the M500.

The Crucial M500 gave an impressively solid
performance, and the drive was able to maintain very high overall performance
even when it was pushed for more than two hours of continuous read/writes.

What about the Price? Here in Greece the
starting price of the 120GB M500 is 113€, and you will find the 240GB at 188€,
and the 480GB at 368€. On the prices you will be able to get the M500
at start at 107€ for the 120GB drive, 182€ for the 240GB, 336€ for the 480GB,
and 535€ for the 960GB drive. As we can see the Crucial M500 has a very
attractive price, especially as you move up to the 480GB and 960GB drives, and
there it’s very hard for any drive to beat the M500. You can also get the M500
directly from Crucial

The parting sentence is:

“Why try to re invent the wheel when you
have the tools and the knowledge to improve it? That’s what Crucial did, and
they did very well. The M500 SSD is a clear step forward in all directions. It
has excellent performance and cutting edge technology in both hardware and
firmware and most importantly it comes at a price that you simply can’t ignore.
There isn’t much more to ask from an SSD.”

I therefore give the ‘Very good’ rating and
the “Editor’s choice” award to the Crucial M500 480GB SSD.

Crucial M500 SSD Review - A continuing evolution

Crucial M500 SSD Review - A continuing evolution

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Crucial M500 SSD Review - A continuing evolution

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Crucial M500 SSD Review - A continuing evolution

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Crucial M500 SSD Review - A continuing evolution

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Crucial M500 SSD Review - A continuing evolution

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