Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD Review

Final thoughts and the conclusion

To sum up, this is
what I would say:

Finishing a review isn’t always a simple task, and this is
one of these times. The Kingston V+ 200 comes as as part of an excellent
package, with a good warranty and also a very nice price. Speaking about price;
here in Greece the 240GB drive has a starting price of 226 Euro and on is £179. The overall performance of
the Kingston V+ 200 is very good especially for everyday use.

What about numbers?

Numbers will only tell you one part of the story. Yes the
Kingston V+ 200 isn’t the fastest drive when it comes to incompressible data.
The other side to the story is how the drive can perform in your system. For me
that is the main thing that people would need to consider, especially if you
are not looking for the fastest benchmarking drive. The Kingston V+200 is able
to provide amazing performance, with very fast load times, as we would expect
from an SSD.


Let us summarise the most important
positive and negative points below:


  • Excellent operation as a system drive.
  • Excellent sequential read/write speeds on
    sequential data
  • Very good access times.
  • SATA 6Gbps support.
  • External case and cloning software
    included in the package.
  • TRIM support under Windows 7.
  • Fast operating system start-up and
    shutdown times.
  • 3 year warranty.


  • Asynchronous NAND.

The parting sentence is:

“The Kingston V+ 200 has shown good
performance overall. It also comes with a great packaging and a three year
warranty, but most importantly with a low price. If you are looking for an SSD
that will give life to your laptop or your desktop PC without spending a lot of
money, then this drive is one to look at very closely”.  

I therefore give the ‘Very Good’ rating to
the Kingston V+ 200.

Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD Review

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Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD Review

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Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD Review

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Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD Review

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