Lexar C20c 64GB flash drive review – The three in one solution

The conclusion for the Lexar C20c 64GB USB3.1 Gen 1 flash

Lexar has had a very nice idea for the C20
series of flash drives and it was also very well executed, compared to the M20
that I tested back in 2015. Smaller size, more convenient use, and the overall
build quality, judging by the C20c, is very good. The drive has a three year
warranty, and it can be used with devices that support Type C and Type A USB, which
will also charge your device.

When it comes to performance, in synthetic
benchmarks it was able to give some very good numbers, mainly on the sequential
side, but when I moved onto the real world tests I started get a much better
idea of its real performance, and the main complaint would be the slow write
speeds with small files. It’s with larger files that the Lexar C20c was able to
give very good results for both read and write speeds.

The Lexar C20c is a flash drive that has
very good read and write performance with larger files. It’s a 3-in-1 USB3.1
flash drive, and it has a very good built quality. You could ask for higher
speeds but fingers crossed soon we will have them. For now though this is a
very good solution for a combined type A and type C USB flash drive.


Lexar C20c 64GB flash drive review - The three in one solution

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