Lexar Tough 128GB Jumpdrive review

The conclusion for the Lexar Jumpdrive Tough 128GB USB3.1
Gen 1 flash drive.

I will close this review by listing the
positives and the negatives that I found, and I will start with the positives.


The Lexar Tough is built to handle extreme
conditions, such as cold, heat, water, and also drops or impacts. So if you
need anything like this, or you just want something that is extra durable to
carry with you, the Lexar Tough should be on your watch list.

Performance is also another factor for a
flash drive, and with USB3.1 speeds are going up. The read speed of the Lexar
Tough is very good, and the drive was able to reach speeds very close to its
rated speed of 150MB/Sec, most importantly in real world tests. The drive had
very good result with large files for both read and write tests. Also for small
files, read performance was very good.

The three-year warranty is something that
we expect from Lexar, however I would like to see this number going up. The cap
is very secure, so you will have a hard time losing it even if you install it
on your keychain. 

The main negative is the write performance
of the drive with small files.

Finishing this review, the closing sentence
will be, “The Lexar Tough is a flash drive for those who want a drive that
will tolerate a lot of abuse, but also at the same time are prepared to
sacrifice a lot of performance.”

I give the “Very Good”
rating and the “Editor’s Choice” award.


Lexar Tough very good award

Lexar Tough editor choice award