Micron 5100 MAX 960GB SATA Enterprise SSD Review


The Micron 5100 MAX is one of the best performing SATA
Enterprise drives we have tested.  With regard to 4K Random Writes and
Sequential Writes, it is the fastest.  The Quality of Service is also

At the start of this review I posed the question – does
Micron have a winning formula with its use of 3D TLC NAND and large levels of
OP?  From a performance point of view, the answer is ‘yes’ but as always a most
important factor is cost.  Micron’s Suggested Retail Price (‘MSRP’) for the Micron
5100 MAX 1.92TB is USD 0.59 per GB.  This sets a figure almost exactly the same
as the price listed by Samsung for its SM863 1.92TB.  So the cost appears to be
a very competitive factor.

Micron is launching the 5100 Series in several waves –

Wave 1 – Now

          5100 ECO 2.5” – 480/960/1920GB

          5100 PRO 2.5” – 240GB

          5100 MAX 2.5” – 240/480/960GB

Wave 2 – Shipping in January

          5100 ECO M.2 – 480/960/1920GB

          5100 PRO 2.5”  – 480/960/1920GB

          5100 PRO M.2 – 240/480GB

Wave 3 – Shipping in March

          5100 ECO 2.5” – 3840/7680GB

          5100 PRO 2.5” – 3840GB

So a 7.7TB ECO is on its way – cool. 

Micron is to be congratulated on the 5100 Series and on its
achievements with 3D TLC NAND. I am pleased to award the Micron 5100 MAX our
top rating of ‘Outstanding’.


Micron 5100 MAX 960GB SATA Enterprise SSD Review

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