Micron M600 128GB SSD review


Let us summarise the most important
positive and negative points below:

To sum up, this is what I would say:

The write performance when tested with
IOMeter isn’t as impressive as some other programs, other than that there isn’t
anything negative to be said for this 128GB drive.


The Micron M600 is a drive that has
excellent read performance, but it manages to also do a very good job when it
comes to write speed, especially for a drive that is only 128GB. All this is very
much achieved with the help of Dynamic Write Acceleration. This
technology will boost the write speed, something that is needed when it comes
to small drives. I do believe that a small amount of fine tuning of Dynamic
Write Acceleration is needed, at least for my taste, as I would prefer to have
a slightly lower write speed in favour of more consistency. Write endurance has
also gone up, from the 72TB that the Crucial
had to 100TB for the Micron M600 128GB SSD.

The parting sentence is:

“It’s very nice to see that Micron
continues to move forward, and the M600 is a fine example of what a
manufacturer can achieve. Let’s hope that this technology will be soon be moved
to Crucial SSDs”

I am going to give the Micron M600 the
“Very good” award


Micron M600 128GB SSD review

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Micron M600 128GB SSD review

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Micron M600 128GB SSD review

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Micron M600 128GB SSD review

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Micron M600 128GB SSD review

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