Miroland G19 & G80 Retro Filament Light Bulbs Review

As we received just one sample of each light bulb, we are unable to perform any durability or long term tests on these light bulbs. The filaments appear to be underpowered to give the warmer glow like a dimmed incandescent light bulb, so their rated life is likely to be in the thousands of hours which would take a lot of time and electricity running cost to properly test their lifespan.

The only tests we are able to conduct are measuring their power consumption and checking how hot they get. As they are incandescent filament light bulbs, they obviously will not have any issue with stroboscopic flickering, colour hue rendering, warm-up time, “spot-light” appearance and so on, issues that often affect poor quality CFL and LED lights.

For our testing procedure, I will use the following equipment:

  • Table lamp with clear upper-view of the light bulb.
  • E27 to B22 adapter – This also raises the height of the bulb.
  • Watthour meter to measure power consumption.
  • Infra-red thermometer to measure surface temperature.
  • Nikon D5100 DSLR with 16-85mm 1:3.5-5.6 lens.
  • Hot-shoe mounted Nissin Speedlite Di622 for bounce flash.

Table lamp

Each bulb was tested in the following table lamp, which is fully open at the top and bottom of the shade.

Table lamp unlit

The photographs of the lit-up bulbs were all taken with the camera aimed above the lamp such that the full light bulb was clearly visible in each photograph.

Comparison to GLS light bulb

Despite the GLS-shape of the G19 light bulb, it is larger than a traditional 40 to 60 watt light, but should fit fine in most lighting fixtures. The G80 light bulb is considerably larger and will not fit many petal and tulip shape lamp fixtures as well as those with a narrow access to the bulb.

The following photo shows how both light bulbs compare with a standard A60 (60mm wide) 100 watt GLS light bulb on the left:

Bulb comparison

The bulb on the left has a B22 push-in base which my table lamp requires. To test the retro light bulbs, I used a B22 to E27 adapter, which also raises the height of the bulb in the table lamp.

The main eye-catching feature of these light bulbs is the filament, so we will take a look at the filament in detail on the following two pages before applying power.

Let’s head to the next page for a closer look at the light bulbs….