Miroland G19 & G80 Retro Filament Light Bulbs Review

Despite all the recent advancements in LED technology, nothing quite replicates the look of vintage light bulbs in their unlit state, particularly in a retro or vintage lamp fixture where the light bulb is in clear view.

The positives

These two Miroland retro filament light bulbs do a pretty good job of mimicking the look of vintage light bulbs, as if they were taken from an abandoned early 1900s house, particularly the tinted brown G19 bulb with the vacuum sealed tip at the top of the bulb.

Both produce a nice warm glow that would be expected from a vintage light bulb. They give out adequate illumination for use as a bedside light, background lighting while watching TV, or as decorative lighting in a seating or bar area.

When used in an open light fixture such as a table lamp, the bulbs do not get scalding hot and can be handled within seconds of switching off. They also have a thick outer glass which reduces the risk of them accidentally shattering. Their filaments also appear to be securely supported.

The negatives

As with standard incandescent light bulbs, these bulbs can be quite expensive to run when used in large numbers, especially when operated many hours a day such as in hallway table lamps and wall lamp fixtures. However, a pair of bulbs used occasionally such as while eating or as a bedside lamp will barely have any impact on the electric bill.

To sum up, this is what I would say:

The Miroland G19 and G80 both produce a pleasant warm light when lit, mimicking the appearance of early 1900’s lighting. Even when unlit, both light bulbs will not look out of place in either retro or vintage lamp fixtures. The G19 has the edge with its brown tinted glass, vacuum sealed tip, and GLS shape that would fit most lamp fixtures. Just watch out for the running costs with multiple bulbs or long run times such as in a hallway chandelier.