Myce – Enterprise SSD Power Testing

This article describes the Power Testing Myce will perform
as a standard part of its testing of Enterprise Solid State Storage solutions.

As at May 2015, Myce has been publishing Enterprise SSD
reviews for 2 years and in all this time, although we have provided, arguably, the
most comprehensive reports on the performance characterisation of solutions
based on the use of a world class OakGate Technology test bench, we have not
offered anything at all in the testing of a drive’s power consumption
characteristics.  I am delighted that we will now in one mighty step move from
the bottom of the class right to the very top, by offering the most
comprehensive power testing ever seen in data storage reviews.

Myce’s Power Testing will be based on the use of Quarch
Technology products. Quarch Technology is a world leader in the supply of
testing solutions for the data storage industry – please visit their website by
clicking here.  More specifically we are
privileged that Quarch has enabled us to use their latest XLC Programmable
Power Module (‘XLC PPM’). The XLC PPM is specifically designed for testing low
power sleep states on modern SSDs and as such has a remarkably accurate low
level current measurement, down to 100uA (micro amps, millionths of an amp) –
please click here for

The other exciting news is that OakGate Technology has added
extensive integration between its test bench and Quarch power testing solutions
– please see OakGate’s website for details by clicking here.

So our long standing partnership with OakGate together with
our new partnership with Quarch puts Myce in an enviable position with the
ability to provide world class reviews for the power consumption characteristics
of data storage solutions.  Integration between Quarch and our OakGate test
bench allows us to report on power consumption inline with reporting on
performance characteristics over protracted periods of time (for example – to
report on the change in power consumption through the course of an SNIA Write
Saturation test).  A more direct use of the Quarch equipment, using Quarch’s
TestMonkey software allows us to take a very close look at power
characteristics over relatively short periods of time (for example, to observe
the power consumption characteristics when a drive is first powered up and when
a drive is idling).

We take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Quarch
and OakGate for their commitment to a partnership with Myce.

In due course we plan to introduce a similarly impressive
level of Power Testing in our Consumer SSD Reviews, where, for example, using
the Quarch XLC PPM’s ability to record power consumption during sleep (and even
deep sleep) states will become highly relevant (particularly to users of
mobile, battery powered devices).

Now let’s head to the next page, to take a look at the
Quarch hardware…..