Nero 2014 Platinum Update Overview

Nero 2014 Platinum Update Overview

Review: Nero 2014 Platinum
Reviewed by: Wombler
Provided by: Nero AG

Nero is one of the best known multimedia suites and they’ve
been synonymous with such software for many years now. Nero AG has very kindly provided
a licence for the Nero 2014 Platinum edition and it’s this that we’ll be
examining in this exclusive Myce overview.

If you would like any additional information about Nero you
can find further details on their website here.

Nero 2014 Platinum Update Overview

The last time we looked at
Nero it was the Nero 12 Platinum suite which, as we saw previously, contained a
significant number of new and augmented features. It doesn’t really seem all
that long ago, and as with any software, Nero 12 had received a number of minor
updates and fixes over the last couple of years, however here we are again and
we’re now looking at the latest Nero 2014 Platinum suite. As this is an update
overview I’ll not necessarily be going into the same level of detail with each
component as I did previously, so you may find it useful to refer to the
previous review here, both
for comparison purposes in relation to the graphics, and for further details of
how the various component programs operate.

When I looked at Nero 12 it was
a fairly major upgrade with some brand new components, which in my mind set the
scene for future development and in some ways also acts as a launch pad for
Nero 2014. So what can we expect from Nero 2014 Platinum and is this just an
incremental upgrade? Well let’s continue further and find out what the changes

First things first though so
let’s look at the installation and setup procedure.

Installation & Setup

As ever the Nero package is a fairly sizable download, which
is understandable given the array of component features, however I was pleased
to note that despite adding additional functionality the overall download size
has decreased by half a gigabyte (compared to Nero 12) with the Nero 2014 Platinum
Edition (including the additional content pack) weighing in at 1GB. As it
happens this data mustn’t be very compressible as the downloaded zip file
expanded to almost the exactly the same size as a 1.01GB installation folder.

Boxed versions on disc are available to order though if you’ve
a slow connection or just like having the full retail packaging.

The last time around I had difficulties with the
installation which necessitated disabling my anti-virus software during the
install, and I’m pleased to report that this issue has been rectified as I had
no such difficulties during the Nero 2014 Platinum install.

With regard to the installation
routines, looks and functionality wise, nothing much has changed, and rightly
so. The installation routines are pretty much identical to Nero 2012 which is perfectly
adequate as they function smoothly and are pretty much without fault. During
the installation process you’re now offered the option to install various AVG
components, although pleasingly, these extras are turned off by default although
can be selected if required via simple checkboxes. The software checks for the
latest versions of required supporting components and installs these
automatically after prompting the user.

One reboot later and Nero
2014 Platinum suite was up and running. So without any further ado, let’s see
what it actually looks like.

So let’s head to the next page and have a look at what
has been installed.