OakGate Expandable Desktop Storage Test Platform Review and Demonstration

Automated Test Example

To give readers an insight into what it is like to use
OakGate’s SVF I have produced a demonstration (demo) video, which can be viewed
by clicking on the demo link below.

I recommend you change the resolution to HD and view the video
in full screen mode.


I must acknowledge that this demo has only touched on the
surface of SVF’s capabilities and. For example, I have not covered –


of low level errors

aspects of performance benchmarking, such as the automatic detection of steady state
conditions (specified by the SNIA) and validating data integrity, which checks
whether data that is read back from a target location is the same as the data
that was previously written

Tests – preloaded tests with a sequence of tests to cover specific test points

of the IO Analyzer to isolate and identify I/O errors


Now let’s head to the next page, to look at the
Conclusions of this review…..