Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD Review


Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD Review

Review: Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD

Reviewed by: Wendy Robertson

Provided by: Samsung

Model: MZ-750500BW

Firmware version: MATO1B6Q


The Samsung 750 EVO is aimed at the budget end of the
consumer SSD market, and sits below the popular 850 EVO series of SSDs. The 750
EVO uses the same fully fledged MGX SSD controller found in the 850 EVO, but instead
uses Samsung TLC planar NAND, rather than the more expensive and higher
performing 3D V-NAND found in the Samsung 850 series SSDs.

The Samsung 750 EVO is available in capacities of 120GB,
250GB, and 500GB. The version I am looking at today is the 500GB version.

Samsung company information

Those of you that would like to find out more about Samsung,
can do so at their website.

The Samsung 750 EVO SSD

Now it’s time to take a look at the drive itself and what it
came shipped with.

Being a budget SSD, you get a bare drive and installation

Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD Review

Samsung 750 EVO

Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD Review

Box front

Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD Review

Box rear

Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD Review

Drive maintenance features

For Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, and some distributions of
Linux, the Samsung 750 EVO series SSD supports ATA TRIM to keep the NAND clean.
The Samsung 750 EVO series also has advanced garbage collection to clean the
NAND during drive idle periods.

Samsung 750 EVO 500GB SSD Review
Samsung SSD Magician

The SSD Magician software allows the user to maintain the
SSD, and has the following features.

  • Disk drive: Brings up useful information about the
    SSD, including its health status and how much data has been written to the
  • System info: Allows the user to see system and
    drive properties.
  • Performance Benchmark: Performs a very basic
    benchmark on the SSD.
  • Performance optimization: Performs a manual TRIM of
    the SSD.
  • OS Optimization: Allows operating system features
    that can affect SSD performance, to be switched on or off.
  • Firmware Update: Allows the firmware to be updated.
  • Secure Erase: Sends a Secure Erase command to the
    SSD, clearing all NAND and returning the SSD back to its default factory
  • Over Provisioning: Allows the user to set aside a
    given amount of NAND as a manual over provisioning area.
  • SSD authenticity test: Checks to make sure
    that the SSD is a genuine Samsung SSD.
  • Enable Rapid mode: Enables the ‘Rapid mode’ cache

Data migration software is also available as a download from
Samsung, which allows you to easily migrate your existing system installation
over to your new SSD.



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