Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SATA SSD Review


There is no doubt that the Samsung 860 EVO is an outstanding
drive as it has set new high water marks for an SATA drive in most of our
performance tests.  The only minor reservation I have, is the relatively small
size of the Write Cache in the 250GB model, as this can slow down the copying
of large files to the drive somewhat (as was seen in our Real World Copy Tests
on page 4), however I doubt if this will ever be a concern with the larger
capacity models, which have a much bigger write cache (personally I prefer the
write caching approach which sees the SLC Cache being made available again, after
its contents have been flushed down to NAND, as was seen with the WD Blue 3D
that we reviewed recently).  Indeed, the 1TB and upwards models also suffer
little or no loss in post TurboWrite sequential write performance.

I was particularly impressed with the Samsung 860 EVO’s low
Queue Depth 4K Random Reads and Writes – no doubt it will prove to be an excellent
system drive.

Samsung has indicated that the recommended UK price for the
860 EVO 250GB will be GBP £90.49, which makes it great value.

So the price point is highly competitive but, for example,
the excellent WD Blue 3D 250GB is priced at GBP £83.99, so it is not without
competition.  Things are definitely ‘hotting up’ in the value segment of the
SATA Client SSD market.

It is worth noting that the Samsung 860 EVO range has strong
endurance and, for example, the 250GB model has an endurance of 150 TBW (Total
Terabytes Written), which is 50% more than the WD Blue 3D 250GB.

I am pleased to award the Samsung 860 EVO 250GB our rating
of "Outstanding" and name it as an "Editor’s Choice".


Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SATA SSD Review

Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SATA SSD Review