Samsung 860 PRO 256GB SATA SSD Review


Let’s get straight to the point – why would one buy a
Samsung 860 PRO when a Samsung 860 EVO often has better performance, as can be
seen in many of our test results, and the 860 EVO is significantly less
expensive?  There are two reasons – firstly, the 860 PRO has twice the level of
endurance and secondly, the consistency of its sustained sequential writes is

In truth the Samsung 860 EVO, and indeed its competitors,
such as the WD Blue 3D, is a better proposition for the vast majority of PC
users and logically the 860 PRO should only be considered by heavy duty
workstation users, such as, for example, users that are rendering large videos
most of the day. 

So it seems that TLC NAND and clever SLC Write Caching
technology is winning the battle in the SATA Consumer market segment.

Samsung has indicated that the recommended UK price for the
860 PRO 256GB will be GBP £126.49, which can be compared to GBP £90.49 for the
Samsung EVO 250GB, and GBP £83.99 for the WD Blue 3D 250GB (which, I feel, does
make running a couple of either these drives in a Raid 0 configuration an
appealing proposition).

Finally to put the appeal of SATA drives into an overall
market perspective why would a storage performance enthusiast with an M.2 port
not prefer to buy a WD Black PCIe NVMe SSD 256GB (GBP £91.96) or a Samsung 960
EVO 250GB PCIe NVMe SSD (GBP £106.08)? – prices from Amazon UK at the time of
going to press.  I suspect the enthusiast is now more often using SATA SSDs as
secondary drives rather than as system drives.

Nevertheless, the Samsung 860 PRO is an excellent and robust
SATA SSD and I am pleased to award our rating of ‘Excellent’ –