Shuttle XPC Cube SZ270R9 ‘Barebone’ Mini PC Review


The Shuttle SZ270R9 proved to be an excellent basis for building
a pint-sized Z270 gaming PC that can pack a strong punch.  Its CPU cooling is
effective (though it does get a bit noisy when pushed).

It is well built, looks good, performs well, is stable, and
it offers excellent connectivity.

The case lighting and the ability to overclock at the touch
of a button are both impressive features.

I feel a bare bones solution does simplify the process of
building your own PC, whilst still unlocking the benefits of being able to
build a solution that is specific to one’s own requirements.

I am pleased to award the Shuttle SZ270R9 Myce’s rating of ‘Excellent’.

I found the Shuttle SZ270R9 available on for
GBP £372.60.