Toshiba AL13SXB600N 15,000rpm 600GB SAS HDD Review

Testing Approach

Two platforms were
used to perform testing:

  1. An OakGate Test Unit,
    as is used in our review of SSDs
  2. A Z77 based
    Workstation, running Windows 8.1

The Workstation
was used to run HD Tune Pro 5.50, Atto, and Anvil benchmarks.

The OakGate Unit
was used to perform the same Myce/OakGate Reads & Writes Tests and 4K Mixed
Reads/Writes Tests as are a standard part of our Enterprise Solid State Storage
 Please click here
to view or download a detailed introduction to Myce’s Enterprise Class Solid
State Storage (‘SSS’) Testing Methodology as a PDF


Now let’s head to the next page, to look at the results
of our HD Tune Pro, Atto, and Anvil tests…