Toshiba AL14SXB90EN 900GB SAS 3 Enterprise HDD

Toshiba AL14SXB90EN 900GB SAS 3 Enterprise HDD


The Toshiba AL14SXB90EN is the fastest HDD I have tested.

It provides a full set of Enterprise features, including
data loss protection in the event of a power loss.  It also inherently benefits
from the features enabled by the use of the SAS standard.

For an HDD it is reasonably quiet in operation but it can
get hot and will require effective cooling.

I understand the recommended retail price for the Toshiba
AL14SXB90EN is 479 Euros but its price may vary depending on the specific
retailer. This equates to about 0.53 Euros per Gigabyte, which makes it
somewhat less expensive than a comparably sized SATA Enterprise SSD (currently
around 0.66 Euros per Gigabyte).  

I am pleased to award the Toshiba AL13SXB600N HDD our rating
of ‘Excellent’.