Toshiba HK4E SATA 1600GB Enterprise SSD Review


With its HK4E series Toshiba targets mixed workloads (i.e.
environments that require a mixture of read and write IOs) and we feel it is a
strong candidate in this space, perhaps particularly where there is a bias
towards read access.

The drive has the fastest Sequential performance we have
seen for an SATA drive.  The drive has outstanding power efficiency.

Our testing showed that the THNSN81Q60CSE had outstanding
Random Read Quality of Service but we found that the Random Write Quality of
Service can be compromised by some traffic scenarios (such as was the case in
our standard Myce/OakGate 4K Random Read Latency Test).

After careful consideration we are please to award the
Toshiba HK4E Myce’s rating of ‘Excellent’.     



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