Toshiba HK4E SATA 1600GB Enterprise SSD Review

Myce/OakGate Entropy Tests

These tests are designed to show performance metrics for
different combinations of Queue Depth and Entropy % (Entropy % is the degree to
which the data that is random and therefore incompressible).  Testing with
different Entropy % levels has become important with the advent of controllers,
such as those from LSI Sandforce, that compress data before writing it to NAND.
Controllers that compress data can be expected to perform better with highly
compressible data (i.e. data with low Entropy).

The first test performs 5 minutes of Random 4K writes for
each combination of Queue Depth and Entropy %.

4K Entropy Write Test

Toshiba HK4E SATA 1600GB Enterprise SSD Review

You can see there is little or no variance in performance to
be found in the Entropy Write Test, as the degree of random data increases (and
this comment applies to all of the test results for the Myce/OakGate Entropy
Tests). We can therefore conclude that the Toshiba THNSN81Q60CSE does not
compress data.




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