Toshiba N300 6TB High Reliability HDD Review

Stability Tests

It is difficult to test a drive’s endurance and stability. 
In an attempt to test the N300’s vibration damping and stability, I decided to
run some sustained tests against the N300, which consisted of five 72 hour runs
of 4K Mixed Random Reads/Writes (50%/50%).  In one of these runs I also ran the
same traffic against an older HDD I had to hand (a 7200RPM Samsung F1) to see
if I could tell which of the drives was vibrating more – this was admittedly
subjective but I felt it was clear that the N300 was indeed more stable and
less noisy.

Needless to say the N300 ran faultlessly through each of the
72 hour tests (as indeed did the Samsung F1 in its test).

I can’t reach any scientific conclusion for this testing but
I am in my own mind convinced that the N300 will prove to be stable for many
years to come.


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Conclusions of this review…..