Toshiba Q300 PRO 1024GB SSD Review


In a number of our tests the Toshiba Q300 PRO 1024GB didn’t
prove to be quite as fast as the more recently launched SATA products from
Samsung and WD, however it performed very well, especially in our ‘Real World’
tests and I very much doubt that a user would be able to perceive any
difference in day to day use.

Price was an issue when the Toshiba Q300 PRO was first
launched but in recent times it has been discounted, so how does it compare currently?

WD Blue 3D 1TB                       –
GBP £235.97 (           TBW – 400 TB

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB             –
GBP £314.99 (               TBW – 600 TB


Samsung 860 PRO 1TB             –
GBP £433.49 (               TBW – 1200 TB

Toshiba Q300 PRO 1024GB      –
GBP £309.99 (           TBW – 640 TB

For comparison purposes I’ve also listed the drives’ warranted
endurance levels (the amount of data that can be written to the drive, measured
in Terrabytes). All of the drives have a 5 year warranty period.

Some subjective observations:


The WD Blue 3D looks like a real bargain to me;

The Samsung 860 PRO looks over priced;

The Samsung 860 PRO has excellent endurance and the Samsung
860 EVO and the Toshiba Q300 PRO have strong endurance (compared to most SATA

The Toshiba Q300 PRO is in the mix and is, I feel, worthy of
serious consideration.

One factor that is worth special mention, is the way that
the Toshiba Q300 quickly recovers full FOB performance following a TRIM
operation (this can be compared to the disappointing pace of recovery that we
saw in our testing of the Samsung 860 products).   

If you can find the Samsung Q300 PRO at a discounted price
(bearing in mind that it was originally priced up at a similar level to the
Samsung 860 PRO) then I think you will be a happy customer.

I am pleased to award the Toshiba Q300 PRO our rating of ‘Very
Good’ and name it as a ‘Safe Buy’.


Toshiba Q300 PRO 1024GB SSD Review

Toshiba Q300 PRO 1024GB SSD Review