Toshiba X300 6TB High Performance HDD Review

Testing Methodology

Two platforms were
used to perform testing:

  1. An OakGate Test
    Unit, as is used in our reviews of Enterprise storage
  2. A Z170 based PC,
    running Windows 10

The Workstation
was used to run HD Tune Pro 5.50, Atto, Anvil, PCMark8 Storage, and Fast Copy benchmarks.

The OakGate Unit
was used to perform the same Myce/OakGate Reads & Writes Tests that are a
standard part of our Enterprise Solid State Storage tests.

As I do not regularly review consumer HDDs, I do not have a good
basis for comparing the performance of the X300 to its competitors. To give
readers at least some basis for comparison I include some results for a Samsung
Spinpoint F1 750GB SATA HDD and for the fastest HDD I have tested, the 15,000
RPM Toshiba AL13SXB600N SAS3 Enterprise HDD.  The Samsung F1 has a 32MB buffer
and was, particularly in its day, considered to be a fast HDD. You can see my
review of the Toshiba AL13SXB600N by clicking here.


Now let’s head to the next page, to look at the results
of the benchmarks run on the PC…