What a difference Over Provisioning makes


An additional OP clearly makes a big and positive difference
to the performance of all the consumer SSDs, in the context of the intense
write tests we have performed.

So, should consumers always apply a large additional OP?

Well, NO – as in the overwhelming majority of
consumer use cases the intensity and duration of write activity will never get
to a level where a difference can be appreciated.


So, should consumer ‘Speed Freaks’ apply a large
additional OP?

My feeling is that if you can afford to lose the use of the
space for data and you are a Speed Freak, then YES – why not? (I
personally run 2 OCZ Vectors in Raid 0 as my boot drive and I run with a 50%
additional OP – yep a Speed Freak J

So, should businesses go out and buy a consumer SDD and
run it with a large additional OP?

Well, NO – as businesses most often need to benefit
from the far superior endurance, failover, and data integrity features
supported by enterprise solutions. For example, I understand an OCZ Vector
256GB is covered under warranty for 20GB of writes per day for 5 years and a
Smart Storage Optimus 400GB is covered for 10 full drive writes per day (close
to 4000GB per day).

Parting sentence – Yes – What a difference Over
Provisioning makes.


Please note that, as is shown for the OCZ Vertex 4 above, a
somewhat smaller total OP of less than 96GB is likely to show some improvement
– our choice of a total OP area of 96GB for our testing was arbitrary but
nevertheless consistent.


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